Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Anything & Everything V-DAY inspired! A Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones!

V-Day is just around the corner... Let's dive in! OK first off what does valentine's day mean to you? In our minds, we idealize this image of a perfect couple that is so in love, going out on the most perfect date and receiving some piece of expensive jewelry, roses and some cheesy box of chocolates right? Well we are here to tell you that it's okay to have your own story. Lets re-write the message behind your typical Valentine's Day.

We think Valentine's Day should simply be about expressing the importance of letting your loved ones know you care. Whether it's with a small token or something more elaborate, it's a day to let those important people in your life know you love them. We've put together some simple expressions for the people in your lives you love!

Oh, & don't think we forgot about YOU! Self love is the best love. Let normalize romanticizing your life! Put yourself first, self care is NOT selfish. Treat yourself this valentines day! We are including our Pink Turtle top picks in this gift guide just for YOU!

We love you!


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