YOUTH SavannahStrong/Faded Moon Hoodie 2022

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We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with our friends at Faded Moon!

We love their mantra which stems from a "Guide to Growth" philosophy.  This young and talented entrepreneur is exactly the kind of Boss Babe that fuels our passion and makes us DO better and BE better.  She was as thrilled as we were to make this Savannah Hoodie come to fruition!

Our newest and possibly our favorite SavannahStrong hoodie is inspired by our passion for a few of our favorite things:

1. Brilliant women supporting each other - GIRL POWER

2. Support of a Non-Profit near and dear to our hearts The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation

3. Comfy Hoodies

**SavannahStrong Hoodies are Excluded From Sales & Promos**

4. Our namesake and hero, Savannah Pauley

Proceeds of the sales of the Pre-Orders will go to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.  There are limited quantities, so order online or in-stores now!


Carey & Christine & The Pink Turtle/Savannah Boutique Girls




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